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We "Design Team Online" provides Consultancy work in Electrical Engineering with saving methods by organising the best product and service for the best price in town for the construction industry in Residential, Commercial and Industrial Buildings working as a team of professionals, joint hands with Architects, Engineers such as Structural, Civil , Plumbing & Building Service, Electrical, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, Electronics & Communication, Mechanical, Interior Designers, Quantity Surveyors, Surveyors, Valuers, Lawyers, Civil, Electrical, Plumbing, Air Conditioning Contractors, Reputed Suppliers etc.

What is Consulting is...

"...an uncertain and evolving process conducted by a foreign intruder who muddles through by performing various problem-solving activities, while trying to maintain high professional standards and still attempting to meet the needs of the client."

"...giving a message in a way the client can hear it and ensuring the client has the capacity and the will to translate their insights into effective action."


"...an advisory service contracted for and provided to organizations by specially trained and qualified persons who assist, in an objective and independent manner, the client organization to identify problems, recommend solutions to these problems, and help, when requested, in the implementation of solutions."


Why People Hire Consultants

Another way to look at the topic of consulting is to examine the motivations behind enlisting their help. Here are some typical reasons.

  • The client needs an objective and informed opinion only an outsider can offer. Possibly also free of influences from internal politics.
  • Deficient in expertise to achieve the desired goals or objectives.
  • Insufficient time to complete the task with existing internal resources.
  • Reduce the risk involved in dealing with issues that could be highly stressful or have adverse outcomes. In simpler terms, to "cover their butts".

Steps to follow in Consultancy for Electrical Installation

Appoint an Electrical Consultant to:

  1. Discuss all the client's requirement with the consultant, Consultant to suggest new ideas which the client does not know,  Design and prepare Electrical Drawings and discuss with the client for the second time and edit add delete drawings for the satisfaction of the client
  2. Consultant to prepare Bill Of Quantities (B.O.Q.) and Specifications, Price the B.O.Q with the budgetary prices and discuss with the client and come on a verbal agreement with 5 to 15% plus or minus budgetary estimate in price to go ahead on selecting a contractor
  3. Consultant to Call for quotations from Reputed Electrical Contractors, evaluate by price, quality of work, past records, past projects handled, customer list and references, standard and the reputation, current situation, capabilities, stability, service provided, staff and the strength, after sales service of the Electrical contracting company and select the contractor
  4. The consultants to organize a Contract document to be signed by the client and the Contractor with the terms and conditions agreed to complete the project in a given time frame
  5. Consultant to recommend advance and part payments to be paid to the contractor by the client by way of issuing Payment certificates prepared according to the quantem of work done by the contractor in stages for the satisfaction of the consultant and the client
  6. Hand over the Electrical equipment and the wiring system installed to the client by the contractor after testing and the satisfaction of the consultant and the client.
  7. Consultant to recommend any balance payments due and the client to pay in time.

The team Involved in a Project Electrical Installation

Who is an Electrical Consultant?

      • The Electrical Consultant is a Senior Electrical Engineer who is professionally qualified with several years experience in handling majour projects and thorough in designing, implementation, supervision, fault finding, preparation of minutes of site meetings communicate between the client and the contractor etc. He/She will Design, prepare Drawings, B.O.Q., prepare a budgetery estimate, obtain quotations from the contractors, evaluate and recommend the suitable contractor to the client, prepare contract documents, supervise the site work in intervals, instruct and guide the electrical contractor, recommend advance and part payments to the contractor to always safe guard the client
      • He will guide the Contractor to attend the electrical installation work according to the required standards, safety methods, use the correct type and brand switch gear at the correct place in circuits, correct cable sizes, and other accosories used in the installation without allowing the contractors to install the way that they need using sub standard switch gear, inferior quality metrial, workmanship etc.

        Who is an Electrical Engineer?

        • Electrical Engineer (Projects) is a qualified person with experience more than 2 years in the field of Electrical Engineering with a supervisory capacity who is appointed by the contracting company who will be incharge for overall supervision, coordination between the Electrical Consultant and the management of the Electrical Contracting Company, organising the progress schedules, estimates for any additional work carried out, invoicing, authorizing the purchase of material and approval of labour requirement etc.

        Who is an Electrical Supervisor / Foreman?

        • Electrical Supervisor / Foreman is a person who is employed by the Contractor with hands on experience for a very longer period in the relevant field with the involvment of direct supervision at the site, working and leading the team of Skilled, Unskilled Electricians, helpers and the trainees while deciding on the material and the labour requirement for the implementation of the project.

        Who is a Skilled Electrician?

        • A Skilled Electrician is a person with hands on experience with a very little knowledge in theory and designing of electrical installations. They are more knowledgebale and thorough in rectifying minor faults while erecting the installation meterial with the workshop knowledge. The Skilled and Unskilled Electricians should be directly supervised, advised and guided  by a Supervisor/Forman or an Electrical Engineer. They should not be given any designing or changing any existing Electrical installation without any guidence from a Consultant, Engineer, Supervisor/Foreman depending on the gravity of the modification or the design. 

        Who is an Unskilled Electrician?

        • An Unskilled Electrician is a person without hands on experience, but may have little knowledge in the Field of Electrical Installations who really wants to learn and to become a Skilled electrician after obtaining the training and experience for some years.

        Who is an Electrical Helper

        • An Electrical Helper is a person without hands on experience and any electrical knowkedge who will be assisting the Electricians by providing the tools and materials for the erection work

        An Advice to Clients who construct Buildings

        If any builder tries to take any short cut without selecting the correct Electrical Team, he/she will definetely fall in to trouble such as...........

        • Design failiure
        • Erection failiure
        • Losses on material
        • Losses on inferior quality material used by the contractor
        • Nuisance tripping
        • Nuisance break downs
        • Will end up with spending over the budget
        • Will end up without getting the approval for the Electricity connection.
        • Electrical supply company will insist on changing the design, switch gear and the erection work etc. and lot of other problems
        • Over payments to the contractor
        • Vanishing the contractor after payments

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